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Good Neighbors Japan is a member of the international organization, Good Neighbors International. The Japan office opened in Osaka on December 21, 2004 and later moved to Tokyo in 2007, where it supports activities in eight target countries in Africa and Asia.

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The eight focus countries of Good Neighbors Japan include India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Chad. The assistance we give is mainly divided into four different areas, and the donations we receive are used in the following ways.

In addition to the construction and operation of schools and libraries, and tutoring and enrichment programs, we carry out activities to improve the quality of education and training of teachers. We also offer adult literacy education.

In addition to providing health diagnosis and vaccines, we also operate a pre-school child day care center, which offers a nutritious school lunch.

Water is life itself. Good Neighbors protects the health of local residents by installing water supply facilities for toilets and for safe drinking water and living water. We also conduct health education.

Income Generating
Everyday families are able to earn a sufficient meal and children can go to school without working. The increase of income in each household directly affects the child’s future. Good Neighbors provides training for parents and youth in agriculture, computer vocational training, micro finance and other operations that support income improvement.

Emergency Relief
Food, daily necessities, school supplies distribution, reconstruction assistance of residences, psychological care, etc... Preparations for natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, floods, and droughts; you do not know when or where they will happen, but they require quick delivery of funds and necessary support. Good Neighbors Japan prepares for these disasters, and while supporting the target countries we will also support any country that needs relief assistance.

Kabita Lani (12 years, Bangladesh)
Kabita is a Bangladesh girl who has received the support of Good Neighbors. Her village of Ruhigaon in the Takurugaon region faces a serious problem of poverty, the literacy rate is low, and there are still also old superstitions ingrained. Good Neighbors helps Kabita’s school manage a “children’s parliament.” Kabita participates in the group to promote birth registration and the prevention of early marriage. Kabita does not know where she will get married, but she does know that it will be done on her own will; she still cannot believe it. Kabita talked about her feelings from the time, “I was still not completely ready to get married. My dream is to first graduate from school, but that dream until now was shattered within a few hours. I could not believe that I could not go to school. I felt that my dream of a shining future was going to remain only as a [flower] bud.”

After this, Kabita talked to her teacher about the arranged marriage, Good Neighbors talked to her father, and her father was persuaded to cancel the marriage. During the negotiation, Kabita’s father talked about why he canceled the marriage, “I disregarded Kabita’s feelings against the marriage. However, the teacher from Good Neighbors Bangladesh helped me to understand that the marriage is illegal.”
Kabita said cheerfully as she was going to school, “Due to Good Neighbors stopping the early marriage, I will be able to concentrate and continue to study in peace. This event has helped so that my friends and classmates will not become a victim of early marriage. It also makes me proud that my teacher was able to help prevent the early marriage.



Good Neighbors Japan

The vision of Good Neighbors Japan is, “A society in which children smile, and in which everyone can live like a human being.” Our assistance focuses on children, including the child and the improvement of the living area of the local residents that surround the child. A child is the future and the foundation of a country; it is how a country changes and grows. To achieve this vision, we use our mission statement, “To come together with people from around the world to put an end to the cause of poverty and discrimination, and to remove the threat of disaster and conflict.”

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