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19,000,000 users now can pay with bitcoin. #coincheck #bitcoin




Starting from March 1, 2016, Coincheck payment( ), bitcoin payment service operated by ResuPress Inc., will offer bitcoin payment service to (, an online entertainment site that has 19,000,000 users. This will allow users to buy DMM points with bitcoins. By purchasing DMM points with bitcoins, users can exchange their DMM points with contents and services such as video, e-books, online game, VR theater tickets, English tutoring service etc provided by


In these few years, bitcoin and the blockchain technology a core technology of bitcoin are attracting interests from people around the world. In US and UK, a company such as Rakuten America(*1), DELL(*2), Expedia(*3) are accepting bitcoin payment. Also in Japan, more than 1,000 stores use Coincheck payment service. The bitcoin payment is spreading dramatically around the world.

Why started using bitcoin payment?

Bitcoin transaction volume is increasing rapidly in Japan. Also, because of a popularity of bitcoin, decided to use coincheck payment faster than any other companies in Japan. is also planning to actively expand their services to overseas. Due to this wanted to provide more payment options, which make them decide to accept bitcoin payment.

How to make a payment with bitcoin in

1) Select bitcoin payment in DMM point charge screen.


2) Select the amount you would like to charge in price selection screen.

3) Click charge button in the confirmation screen.

4) Click pay with bitcoin in complete order screen.

5) If you own bitcoin wallet, just click on pay using coincheck account and you can charge DMM points instantly.If you own other wallets other than coincheck wallet scan QR code or send bitcoin to the displayed bitcoin address to purchase DMMpoints.

For more information about bitcoin payment, click on the following link.


(*1)About Rakuten bitcoin payment

(*2)About Dell Bitcoin payment

  Dell now accepts bitcoin | Dell

(*3)About Expedia bitcoin payment


About Ltd Ltd (株式会社 is a Japan-based electronic commerce and Internet company with a diversified group of businesses that includes online shopping and video on demand service. The company manages, an online entertainment site that allows users to purchase goods and services like e-books,games, mainstream DVD releases, online English tutoring and 3Dprinting.
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About ResuPress Inc

Founded in August 2012. Operates bitcoin exchange service Coincheck ( Coincheck has more than $30 million monthly transaction volume. ResuPress also operates coincheck payment(

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