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Restaurants and bars where you can spend your bitcoins in Tokyo, Japan

When traveling abroad, exchanging your home country currency to local currency is a pain. To start buying goods or services, you must go to local currency exchange store and pay the fee. With Bitcoin, there are no need to go through this process. If you own bitcoin and if stores accept Bitcoin as a payment you can process your payment with Bitcoin instantly.


At Japan, there are more than 1550 stores and websites that accept bitcoin as payment.

Coincheck will introduce some of the remarkable restaurants and bars in Tokyo where you can pay with bitcoin.


1. Nikugatou -Japanese Style BBQ -


The World first Japanese Style BBQ restaurant that accepts Bitcoin.
Nikugatou, specialized in lean beef, is certainly one of the best Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo. Their uniqueness is not only the name of the restaurant, which is a mixed word of meat and appreciation, but their preparation to the beef before serving to customers is spectacular. Not only that, they have persistence with how the meat is cut, what sauce is used, how it should be roasted, etc… The method from A to Z is deeply considered without compromise.


2. Pink Cow -California Restaurant and Funky Art Bar-

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Since 2000, The Pink Cow has been creating our delicious signature burritos & other Cal-Mex specialties in Japan. Handmade from fresh seasonal ingredients, good for your body and soul! Welcome to California in the middle of Tokyo!


3. Numazuko -Authentic Sushi Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo -


The No 1 ranking Kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) in Shinjuku. When the Japanese choose a sushi restaurant, it is almost always the balance of the price and the freshness of the sushi toppings. This restaurant is evaluated for the fresh toppings, and also very energetic staffs that make your meal even more enjoyable. There are many seats available inside but most of the time, it is full of people (and you’ll know why). If you are looking for best Kaitenzushi in Shinjuku, we strongly recommend you this one without a doubt!


4. Hackers Bar -A Bar in Roppongi, Tokyo where you can consult a “Hacker” -

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Hackers Bar is a place where you can enjoy live programming. In our environment, the term “Hacker” is applied to someone who possesses top skills and knowledge to provide innovative and quick solutions even to the most difficult tasks. If you have any requests, we will make it happen while you relax over a drink.


5. awabar -Standing bar in Center of Roppongi, Tokyo-


This is a standing bar that is easy to enter and have a quick drink whenever you feel like. There is no hesitation.
As this bar is located in Roppongi, their customers include senior manager-level people from Japanese IT companies, such as Yahoo and Gree, as well as foreigners living in Japan.
The bar is equipped with free WiFi service.

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