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Leveraged trading for ether (5x max leverage)


At Coincheck users can buy and sell ether.
We will explain how you can buy ether on margin (5x max leverage).

- How to buy ether at Coincheck?

Ethereum can be purchased from bitcoin wallet page.
You can purchase by depositing YEN to your account or by converting BTC you own to JPY.
Enter amount of Ether you want to buy and click the buy button to complete the order.

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- How to buy ether on leverage?

First, create an account at Coincheck.
Deposit Yen, Bitcoin, or Ether as margin money to your account to start buying ether on leverage.

How to buy bitcoin?

Next, borrow Yen at Coincheck.
Before starting margin trading please read the following note.

About margin trading and their associated risk.

A minimum amount of margin trading is 1000 YEN.
Max leverage is 5x.

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Once you finish borrowing Yen, purchase ether from your bitcoin wallet page.

Enjoy buying ether on leverage.

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