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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading tips: Cryptocompare, the trader’s swissknife! (part 2)

There are hundreds of Cryptocurrencies. Yes, it may seem hard to believe, but there are. From Ingame cryptocoins to simple payment processors, from platforms that allow the creation of Dapps and smart contracts to Charity Coins, Crypto has it all! It may be hard to keep track of all your holdings and investments, considering the overwhelming amount of altcoins that are out there, and that is why we want to show you how to create your Portfolio.

So say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and hello your new Crypto Portfolio!
To have a portfolio, you need to Register an account with cryptocompare. This will also allow you to post on the forums and to review all sorts of Crypto related services/products. You can even review Coincheck, while you’re at it!


Now that you have created an account, go to the portfolio tab as shown below:


Let’s create a new Portfolio to keep track of Coincheck’s latest addition to the supported coins: The DAO:
You have just created your first portfolio; you can create multiple portfolios for different purposes (Vacations; Investments; Trading)
Now lets had our DAO to the portfolio. You can specify details about your coin, where you keep it, how much you bought it for, and more:


Your new Portfolio will keep track of how much you profit in your favorite currency and percentages. You can also add coins as you go along, and you can add different coins on the same portfolio.

You may also check your coin holdings though that same Coin’s Main Page:


That’s it for our Swissknife special!
We, at Coincheck, want our readers and customers to be as well-informed as possible for you to grow with us, and to make sure your experience in the new “Crypto World” is as pleasant, educative and lucrative as possible! So head over to CryptoCompare and check this features out, and don’t forget to review Coincheck on the exchanges tab!



-António Madeira

Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange