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Cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange in Asia


Cryptocurrency/bitcoin exchange is the marketplace or website where one can buy, sell or even exchange one cryptocurrency to another or cryptocurrency with fiat money. There are some cryptocurrencies that accept exchange of different digital currencies including bitcoins and altcoins. Some equally accept exchange of cryptocurrencies with fiat money such as USD, EUR, and others. There are many cryptocurrencies in Asia today. So, this post is dedicated to providing you with information about top cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange in Asia ranging from the major to minor ones. The list will be provided here base on their volume of capitalization.

The Bitfinex Crypto Currency Exchange

Bitfinex is among the major and top cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges in Asia. Regarding security, this cryptocurrency exchange is known as one of the best making the platform the most powerful among others in the entire Asia. Another thing is that Bitfinex team is made up of a group of experienced and financial experts from different financial markets. The volume capital of this cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange is currently $69,966,835. Through this exchange platform, you can buy, sell and exchange BTC/USD, ETH/USD, ETH, BTC, USDT/USD, LTC/USD and LTC/BTC.

The BTC China

Just as is to Europe, so BTC China is to Asia as the exchange platform combined mining pool, offer fiat to Bitcoin exchange as well as crypto to crypto exchanges. You will equally have the ability to trade mining contract while with BTC China as well as EUR and USD to BTC pairs. By trading volume, BTC China is now one of the largest in the entire world and the company has notably received more than $5 million from the investors. That made it one of the top and major cryptocurrency/bitcoin exchanges in the entire Asia.

Kraken and Bitstamp Crypto Currency Exchange in Asia

If you want to buy, sell and even exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Asia the right website you need for the exchange is Kraken. Through this cryptocurrency exchange platform, you will be sure of sailing your way to the high sea of success. The present volume of market capitalization is $20,028,460 putting it among the top exchanges in Asia. On the other hand, Bitstamp is another great cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia with trading volume capitalization of $8,937,875.

Other List of Crypto Currency Exchange in Asia from Major to Minor

Apart from the abovementioned cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges in Asia, there are others though minor yet still have a portion of the market share. Some of the bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchanges you need to know include:

  • Coincheck: 24hr trading volume capitalization of $10,050,700
  • itBit: With trading volume capitalization of $6,385,539
  • Yunbi: With volume capitalization of $3,182,311
  • BTC30: With trading volume capitalization of $2,707,094
  • CoinsBank: With volume of $1,836,783
  • Jubi: With volume capitalization of $1,442,604
  • Yuanbaohui: Having trading volume capitalization of $975,553
  • Bitcoin Indonesia: With volume of $949,597
  • BX Thailand: Having $421,992
  • And lots more.

Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange