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Hash Ocean: Sinking Ship


HashOcean was a successful Cloud Mining websit and its number one feature were the free 15kh/s added on signup, clients loved this feature, as more and more cloud miners moved into HashOceans cloud mining operation, only to have the rug swiped from under their fee when logging on to a ‘403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx’ error message, about ten days ago.

Since then, much has happened: HashOcen claims an hacked caused this discrepancy through the following facebook post:

“Sorry for inconvenience. Last night we got attacked by hacker which somehow can access our domain and posted our domain for sale. Now, we already take anything under our control and nothing affected our mining operation. Daily payout will be executed as usual.”

Payments were not resumed, however and many of the users, who feel rightly cheated, have started petitions to law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I. and Interpol. Involving such high profile agencies may seem like overkill, but not when you consider the amount of money HashOcean has, allegedly stolen from its users. Some claim the value is from 50 to 100 thousand US Dollars.

Not only have these law enforcement agencies been called to the rescue, but also a group of 47 white-hat hackers are joining the search for the rogue cloud mining website’s owners.

A White hacker is someone who users their knowledge and experience in the hacking field to help others rather than to steal from them. We can call them the Robin Hoods of the Hacking world!

This white hat hacking group, also known as Kypertech is currently working with the F.B.I in order to find the location of HashOcean’s remaining data centers. The hackers are trying to achieve this through a series of injection and brute force attacks and are also asking any cloud miners that have used HashOcean to provide details about the transactions made from and to the website, in order to track their IP. The friendly hacker group has also stated that they’re closer to finding a clear location:

““Currently, we have 43 hackers working with us globally and we have uncovered three of the seven alleged data centers of HashOcean. Our top priority now is to uncover the payments processor to them and we have narrowed it down to a Russian area. We just received Intel on the Russian transactions we needed. We are currently tracing the IP addresses. Once we located a majority of them, HashOcean will cease and desist and either put their website back online or just surrender. We will ruin them and seize their mining rigs!”

Kypertech also claims they have been approached through the Deep Web also known as the Dark Web regarding the operations. 100 Bitcoins (66810.00 US Dollar) have been offered to the group in order to cease their attempts on finding HashOcean’s datacenters and owners. Despite this staggering proposal, the hackers claim they will not stop and that we will soon have answers regarding this subject.

This comes as a reminder that, despite the opportunities and advantages cryptocurrencies provide, they are also a breeding ground for scams due to their anonymous nature. Coincheck recommends investing carefully and never more than what you can afford to lose.

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