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Wings DAO: Where dreams take flight (Cryptocurrency)


Coincheck has recently brought you information concerning the creation of The DAO, it’s short life span and the hack that put an end to it for good. But can you really hack an idea?

The Wings DAO & Platform are living proof that the concept is alive and well. Ready to learn from the mistakes of its ancestor and to fly into a bright future, Wings DAO will be more than a simple DAO 2. Today we’re going to talk about the Wing Platform and Wings DAO in order to give our readers a head start in the ICO race and to restore our DAOism to its former self!

What is the Wings Platform

Before we talk about the Wings DAO, we are goint to cover the concept of the Wings platform itself. The Wings platform will be a DAO creation, funding and management platform that will allow anyone with or without coding or legal knowledge to create and manage a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Since the Wings Platform will be GUI, you won’t have to spend a second looking at a command line terminal, nor will you need to have any prior blockchain knowledge, Wings will take care of the magic in the background while you click here and there. The Wings Platform will also have an array of tools for you to benefit from, such as:

Crosschain Funding: The ability to fund DAOs through multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Ehtereum and Bitcoin

Legal Framework: Wings will have qualified partners to assist you with legal matters concerning your DAO

Chatbots Hub: Instant Message Bots or Chat bots will be used to facilitate communication within the Wings Platform

Reputation System: Your past success and accomplishments regarding the management and creation of DAOs will benefit you in future projects, due to DAO owner and user rating systems.

Automatized Cooperation: This function allows you to “copy” the moves of a specific user, automatically investing in the same DAOs as him.

Automatic participation and Notifications: Automatically fund or receive notifications about a DAO according to specific parameters and preferences set by the user.

Wings platform will then give you the tools and the freedom to create the company you’ve always wanted! From specific DAOs that will only invest in one kind of business to white brand DAOs like The DAO (, it’s up to you to choose your own rules and to make it happen!

Contractors will also benefit greatly from this system, since they can make proposals to several DAOs, chances of being funded and of being funded by the right organization will increase.

The point of DAOs is to facilitate the creation of companies and projects. The Wings DAO has taken it to another level attending to the need to facilitate the creation of DAOs themselves.

We believe it will succeed because the platform solves a real, major problem for companies looking to fund new products and projects. Also the fact that the team is skilled, experienced and known in the crypto-space contributes to the matter” Stas Oskin, Wings BizDev and Core Dev

What is Wings DAO

Like any other platform, the Wings Platform will be managed by a company, this company will be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization known as Wings DAO. The Wings DAO will have one function and one function only, and that is to manage and improve the Wings Platform. Wings DAO will not invest in third parties or contractors.

Many of you are probably thinking the same: What about The DAO hack?! How can we be safe with DAOs? Well, We must consider that dispite both being Decentralized Autonomous Organization this two projects are different in structure. Since the Wings DAO will be a purpose-specific DAO security will be much easier to manage, as there will be no complicated and risky features such as the Splitting, which was where the Hacker found the exploit for The DAO hack.

ICO & Bounties

There is no official date for the start of the ICO, but users can assure their stake in the Wings DAO by contributing with their skill sets to help spread the word about Wings DAO. Wings is asking the collaboration of community members in the business, design, technical, content and translation areas. Wings has set up an easy to use bounty platform, in order to assure every user gets their due share.




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