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Crypto Currency Gambling with a Touch of Class and a lot of Fair Play!


‘Old Blue Eyes’ – Frank Sinatra once sang, “Luck be a Lady”, where he depicted ‘luck’ metaphorically as ‘a lady’ with a fickle temperament; guilty of not always sticking with her man and running out on him on a whim, whereas at other times she can be loyal and stick by his side and be a true lady.

A beautiful and classy, but also timelessly sung depiction of luck as it pertains to one’s fortunes at the tables of a traditional gaming house. Unfortunately, luck is not the only consideration and in many cases the gentleman or lady player is not only playing against luck herself, but against the house.

Crypto Gaming Scene

Using crytpcurrencies to gamble becomes an obvious choice when you look at all the benefits of doing so: Fast deposits and withdrawals, low to zero fees and privacy come to mind! But let’s be honest… This is crypto, and not all establishments run fair gaming operations and while players may enjoy themselves, they may find the evening cut short with more losses than wins.

Today, Coincheck will share its gambling experience with Crypto-Games, to keep our gambling reader base happy and wealthy! We chose Crypto-Games due to the transparent nature of this platform, which is an imperative in an anonymity and privacy centric community like the cryptocurreny community, and due to the variety of cryptocurrencies accepted. Yes, your two favorites, Bitcoin and Ethereum were also invited to the party!

Provably fairness brings you in the comfort of your favorite armchair, a provably fair blockchain technology based digital crypto currency gaming experience, second-to-none! At Crypto-Games, transparency is paramount and every bet is recorded on the blockchain for verification, thus preventing the house and the players from cheating in any way. “The art of the bet”, once again becomes pure gaming delight, left in the hands of lady luck herself, and being so you will find she will be a true lady more of the time.

For the curious and the technically savvy, this video will explain all you need to know about the “Provably Fair” betting system and how it can be verified on the blockchain, not dissimilar to the verification of a bitcoin or altcoin transaction.


Every establishment has security, keeping out the riff-raff, Crypto-Gaming is no different. Your safety and comfort is paramount, making use of SSL encryption, Two Factor Authentication (2FA), account recovery via email, limited life website cookies and anonymity via unique anonymous ID, all make for a very delectably ‘sinful’ online gaming experience.

Account funding is done via bitcoin or select alt coins to pre-generated wallet addresses on the site, linked to your unique, anonymous ID and protected by SSL website encryption. ‘Cold’ and ‘hot’ wallet segregation keeps your coinage safe, with your main stash normally being kept in secure cold wallets while your immediate use gaming tokens reside in the hot wallet.

What about the thrill of speed betting? It is now a reality where you can bet as fast as possible even on the lowest bets, bringing you all of the thrills without sacrificing any of the frills.

There are no fess, you won’t lose a single dime on betting fees or withdrawal fees, that is all covered by ‘the house’; so the only time ‘the house’ wins is when ‘the house’ actually wins the bet.

THE BACK ROOM: Every establishment worth its salt has a ‘back room’ where the ‘real stakes’ are played, for the sophisticated who bore easily of the commons of ‘front-of-house’ gaming, can now enter the realm of bot betting, API betting and Auto Bet.

Players can use API’s to interface custom bots and programmatically bet however they desire, with whatever frequency they choose.

For the non-technical, there is the Auto Bet interface where one can set via the GUI the betting parameters and allow your wagers to be placed with automation with and manual stop option. Various settings can be adjusted and Martingale or D’Alembert system strategies employed.


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