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Ether Party: Easy creation of Ethereum smart contracts


The use case possibilities for Smart contracts are endless, from online gambling and prediction markets to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) or cay be used as financial tools that make payments automatized, secure or trustless. Something that we can all agree upon regarding the DAO hack, however, is that Smart Contracts can be extremely complicated to write. Ethereum provides the Virtual Machine and Programming languages that allow the creation and deployment of Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications, but users must learn how to use these tools (which can be extremely complicated, as Solidity is regarded as one of the hardest programming languages in existence). The learning process can still be considered as a gap in the Ethereum Ecosystem, despite the excellent learning material provided by the Ethereum Foundation. Creating Ethereum Smart Contracts also implies users have to run a full node and download the blockchain, which can take several hours and even days to download depending on your hardware.

Ether Pary plans to be the bridge that connects everyday users with the opportunities, security and freedom smart contracts provide. Ether Party will provide an easy-to-use interface that will make smart contract deployment and management much easier on many levels. Users will no longer need to run Ethereum software like geth, or the mist wallet. This will allow anyone to create and manage smart contracts regardless of hardware limitations like bandwidth or storage.
Your smart contracts will be readily available in a library that allows you to store and edit smart contracts for later use, allowing you to create your own smart contract templates to automatize your development process.

Most importantly, Ether Party will allow you to create smart contracts without writing a single line of code. That’s right; users will be able to create and deploy these smart contracts through a graphic user interface that has a drag and drop system, allowing you to create your smart contracts module.
Ether Party will also allow users that already have a stake in the Bitcoin network to secure the possibility to create smart contracts with bitcoin. This simply means that payments for Smart Contracts can be made in Bitcoin, all the development, and deployment of the smart contract itself will happen within the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Ether Party brings a lot of value to the Ethereum Ecosystem since users will now be able to develop DAOs, DACs, Dapps, Voting Tools, Smart Wallet, without the need to be fluent in solidity or serpent. Smart contacts are only as smart as the person coding them, and with Ether Party, there will be no momentary lapses of judgment, since everything will be pre-written and automated.

Ether Party

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