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Ethereum Update: Hard Fork successful

Hard Fork successful

The hard fork took place on Wednesday Jul-20-2016 02:20:40 PM UTC, on block height 1920000. The hard fork implementation will gather all the Ether stolen during the hack and return it to a simple refund DAO. Users can use the Mist Ethereum Browser or even MyEtherWallet to safely withdraw their Ether. The price rose continuously during the day, and it appears to continue to do so after the hard fork. This is a significant milestone in the history of the young cryptocurrency, as it showed Ethereum has the necessary requisites to quickly reach consensus among its community regarding a significant problem and quickly apply a solution if need be. Hopefully, this progress will bring along some new developments regarding the Decentralized Applications currently being built on Ethereum.

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If you want to withdraw Ether from the DAO, you can simply head over to, click The DAO, upload your wallet’s encrypted private key file (keystore), and click the red “Withdraw your DAO tokens for ETH” button. Users that are currently holding DAO tokens on an exchange and that don’t have a wallet can create a new one in MyEtherWallet’s homepage.

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Coinbase soon to support Ether trading

Coinbase will support Ether trading, not only on the new exchange GDAX, but on Coinbase itself as well. The altcoin will trade with fiat, and it will be added this Month. Ether is the first alternative cryptocurrency to be added to Coinbase and will most likely get new people interested in Ether trading and Ethereum itself.

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Ethereum Browser Chrome Extension

A new Ethereum Browser, MetaMask, has recently launched as a Google Chrome Plugin. An Ethereum browser is more than just an Ether wallet as it allows you, not only to send and receive transactions but to interact with decentralzied applications. Users can now access all the advantages of an Ethereum Browser such as Mist, without the need to download, broadcast and store the blockchain. Anyone can install the extension and create a Vault that will allow you to create, backup and restore your wallets and to visit any dapp on the Google Chrome Browser.

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