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How exchanges are reacting to Ethereum Classic


As we’ve stated before, Coincheck has decided to add Ethereum Classic, thus making the cryptocurrency available for anyone that may wish to buy or sell it and introducing it to the Japanese market. These have been very intense days for the Ethereum community and even the whole cryptocurrency scene. Since its inception, Ethereum Classic has received a “death threat” via 51% attack by Chandler Guo, which has since been called off, it has gained miners at an incredible pace and has risen and fallen over and over again in the price charts at and most exchanges have taken a stance regarding ETC, the coin that didn’t fork.

Bitsquare, the decentralized P2P exchange was the first to add Ethereum Classic, and it did so on the day the hard fork took place.

After Bitsquare, Poloniex was the first major exchange to add Ethereum Classic and did so on the 24th of July. Since then Poloniex has credited all users with ETC (according to the ETH balance held at the time of the hard fork) and has also released a F.A.Q page regarding the ETH/ETC balances held by the clients, which can be read here:

Kraken, followed and added Ethereum Classic to its exchange making it available for fiat trading for the first time, users can buy or sell ETC for USD or EUR, and have also received the correct ETC balance.

GDAX (Coinbase) will not be adding Ethereum Classic yet, which doesn’t mean they will not add it in the future, as we all know Coinbase is very cautious when it comes to adding cryptocurrency markets and is currently analyzing the situation and working on a feature to withdraw the same amount of ETC users had in ETH at the time of the fork.

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BTC-E, on the other hand, is completely against Ethereum Classic and went as far as to state that Ethereum Classic is a scam and that no ETC balance will be credited to users.


As you can see, opinions regarding Ethereum Classic vary, not only among regular users, but among service providers as well. Former Ethereum CEO, Charles Hoskinson has also stated via twitter that he’ll be making contributions to Ethereum on the Classic blockchain, after being distanced from Ethereum since 2014


Coincheck does not regard Ethereum Classic as a scam, although it could have been a smoother transition (not from ETH to ETC, but from one blockchain to two blockchains), we believe that Ethereum Classic was created with a specific purpose of keeping Ethereum uncensored and immutable, and since opinions diverse regarding The DAO hack and the refund that followed, a “break-up” may be the most healthy outcome.

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