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Ethereum Project: SingularDTV (S-DTV)


Today’s keyword is decentralization. It is possible in every industry or business out there when you think about it. By eliminating single points of failure, corruptible and unnecessary middle man, decentralized systems will always hold advantages over centralized ones: transparency, security, and efficiency. These are the elements SingularDTV (S-DTV) wants to bring to the film & television industry by decentralizing and tokenizing their production and distribution platform. This process is being accompanied and co-developed by ConsenSys in an effort to build a functional rights, revenue and royalty management platform that will connect investors directly to the SingularDTV ecosystem, revenues and projects in a completely transparent and easy-to-use way.

SingularDTV will gather funds by creating and distributing SNGLS tokens in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). These tokens will be built on Ethereum and will represent a share in the S-DTV platform and its owned Intellectual Property (IP), rewarding investors with dividends from the revenues collected. A portion of the tokens created will be locked and its dividends will be reinvested back into the platform.

Using the recently released SingularDTV’s lightwallet, which is based on the Consensys ETH lightwallet, users will soon be able to purchase SNGLS tokens during the ICO period and to easily transfer, recieve and store ETH and SNGLS.

These revenues will come from the film & TV content that SingularDTV creates or acquires and distributes. The distribution will be done through a Transaction Video On Demand (TVOD) portal interface developed by SingularDTV as well as TVOD bridge portals like GooglePlay, AppleTV, iTunes, and Vimeo.

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So what does SingularDTV have in store for its viewers? Other than the prospect of acquiring carefully curated content in the future, S-DTV has two mains products to kick off their platform: Singular and S-DTV Documentary Film Division.

Singular is a science fiction television show about the benefits of decentralization and its role in the evolution of the human species. Artificial Intelligence, Technological Singularity, and human evolution transcendence are some of the main components Singular will focus on. Singular will have five seasons, each with eight episodes. See a preview:

S-DTV Documentary Film Division will work on creating blockchain and cryptocurrency related documentaries that will focus not only on the technology itself but also on its impact on society. The first content produced by the S-DTV Documentary Film Division will be “ETHEREUM: The World Computer”, a documentary film that will bring a new perspective to Ethereum and Blockchain tech itself.

SingularDTV is not only bringing the cryptocurrency world into the film and television industry as a means to an end, but it is also bringing it to its viewers by exposing them to new, informative and entertaining content that will no doubt bring “new blood” to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.




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