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Antshares ICO ends on September 7th


Antshares is a decentralized and distributed network protocol for real-world asset issuance that has a different approach to the tokenization of assets. Instead of issuing assets that can be freely traded and transferred on the blockchain, Antshares assets require multiple signatures before they can be transferred or exchanged. This approach allows responsibilities, rights, and obligations that are attached to real-world assets to be digitalized via e-contracts and transferred on the blockchain. This never attempted approach makes Antshares stand out from other digital asset focused projects since it is aiming to fill the gap between blockchain technology and legal compliance. Since its inception, Antshares has made multiple partnerships including the creation of a blockchain consortium, of which Microsoft is part of.

Since Antshares deals with real-world assets, an optional KYC system will be built into the platform, and the direct use of fiat currency is also available to deal with regulatory issues. Antshares can be used not only to digitalize and trade physical assets on the blockchain, but it can also be used for equity crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, loyalty programs, supply-chain financing, and more.

More than 1300 people have participated in Phase 2 of the Antshares Initial Coin Offering period, which lasted for 31 days (until the 7th of September) and gathered over 5.5k Bitcoin in exchange for 23% of the total Antshares tokens (ANS) supply. The rest of the supply was allocated to the first phase of the ICO (17%) and to initial investors (10%). The remaining 50% of the Antshares supply will be locked in a smart contract for a year, after this period the funds will be used to support the long-term operations of Antshares. The funds raised during the Initial Coin Offering period will be used for the development and marketing of the Antshares Project.

These premined tokens represent ownership of the Antshares blockchain and can be used to digitalize assets and to apply to be elected as a Antshares Bookeeper. ANS holders will also receive Antcoin (ANC) rewards that will be mined over the course of 21 years. These Antcoins will be used to pay fees in the Antshares network.

This Crowd Sale period has the particularity of having a refund function in which users can choose to retrieve their Bitcoins depending on how the ICO turns out. When using this function, 100% of the investors’ funds are returned. This refund option will be available until the platform launches on the 4th quarter of 2016.



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