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Decent decentralized content sharing platform


The Decent Crowd Sale Period will start in 4 days. During this time, users will be able to purchase DCT tokens, the currency that will fuel this new platform. Since its announcement, Decent has made several strategic partnerships, including a partnership with Freewallet that will develop an easy-to-use mobile wallet and has even received support from Google Grants, a program that helps non-profit organizations reach wider audiences.

“DECENT has the potential to become the next big thing within data distribution processes worldwide.” Tibor Tarábek, Founder of Microsoft Slovakia

The Decent Foundation has also taken great effort to promote this idea, enlarging its community, hosting Decent Meetups and participating in tours such as the recent China Tour.
What is DECENT?
Decent is a decentralized content sharing platform that allows users to share and monetize their content without any middleman interference. This system benefits both the content creators, as well as the consumers who can access content without paying fees or without being subject to geographical or political barriers.

Based on Bittorrent, the data sharing part of the system allows nodes to act as seeders that upload the content to the Decent network. These nodes have no way of knowing what content they are hosting since the content is encrypted and split into pieces before being uploaded. On the Blockchain-based side, these nodes are in charge of distributing the keys that decrypt the files and ensuring that content publishers receive the pre-determined DCT for each content viewer.

No middleman fees are charged in Decent, meaning that all of the DCT tokens paid to view content are given out to content publishers. Like Bitcoin, Decent relies on mining incentives and transaction fees to keep its blockchain and content distribution platform running. This system has the advantage of being completely censorship resistant since no central server can be shut down and no specific content can be targetted (since it’s encrypted). Censorship also occurs when middleman decide what content is considered important, which Decent will leave up to the content consumers trough a ranking and feedback system, that will earn content publishers feedback that will forever be “engraved” in the blockchain.
Decent Crowd Sale
The Decent Crowd Sale will start on the 10th of September, during this day 50% bonus will be given to first 10,000,000 DCT purchased. Afterwards, a 10% bonus will be applicable for the 1st week of the Crowd Sale, which will last for 8 weeks in total. 70% of the DCT supply will be issued in the software sale, the remaining 30% will be allocated to the Decent blockchain to be distributed as mining rewards. DECENT is currently in a pre­alpha stage and the launch of the platform is planned for Q1 – ­Q2 / 2017. DCT trading will only be available after the platform is completely ready.



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