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DeCLOUDs: Manage real-world resources with blockchain


The deCLOUDs platform ICO started on the 6th of August and it has gathered 288.6 BTC so far, and it will last for 5 more weeks. During this crowd sale, 100 million deCLOUDs tokens will be exchanged for Bitcoin. Users that participate in the ICO until the 6th of October will receive a 5% bonus.

DeCLOUDs is a decentralized cloud-based crypto platform that focuses on managing real-world resources in a decentralized and efficient way, by allowing users to issue assets and custom tokens, which can be traded directly on the blockchain through smart contract systems that allows assets to be traded against each other (asset-to-asset). DeCLOUDs plans to make its platform more efficient by grouping individual nodes into virtual clouds by location and ping time. One of the deCLOUDs main focuses is to integrate the platform with the main precious metals, by issuing pegged assets and allowing users to benefit from the stability and growth of real-world resources.

DeCLOUDs runs on a peer-to-peer network that runs on top of the http protocol and is able to capture information about each node like OS, IP and Port and to group them into virtual clouds which makes the interaction between nodes faster.

The DeCLOUDs client comes in three versions: Desktop, Web browser and Mobile version. DeCLOUDs plans to integrate security features like fingerprint and retinal scan system on the Mobile version, that will be available for Android and iOS. In order to deal with the “fork dilleama”, deCLOUDs will use a modular system that allows new transaction types to added via plug-ins allowing users to choose what to add. The core client will allow standard transactions like an asset and token issuance, transfer and (decentralized) exchange.

The DeCLOUDs platform not only allows users to have access to an economic system in which they can issue and trade assets, it also allows social features like alias creation and contact lists that together play a role in the platform’s reputation system. Users to be their own bank with the creation and deployment of smart contracts and multi-signature groups.

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