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Apple rejects Ethereum Classic


Apple has made yet another decision that falls within the realm of incompetence or “political” manipulation with regards to cryptocurrency. After contacting Anthony Di Iorio, the CEO of multi-cryptocurrency wallet provider Jaxx, with a notification to remove Digital Cash (DASH) from their iOS wallet until the 12 of September, Apple has refused to support Ethereum Classic in their iOS platform.


This decision has baffled the entire cryptocurrency community, since Ethereum itself is supported and both the cryptocurrencies share the exact same code, with the only difference being the implementation of the hard fork in the Ethereum blockchain. Charles Hoskinson noted that the problem may be relative to the fact that the Ethereum Foundation owns the rights to the Ethereum trademark, which may cause problems since Ethereum Classic uses both the name and a modified version of the Ethereum logo.

Charles Hoskinson, from the IOHK, has recently published a steemit post in which he details the current problems with Ethereum Classic. In this post, Charles has made a commitment to help bring the Ethereum Classic forward, hiring social media managers and organizing developers. The Steemit post can be seen here:

The decision to remove Dash from the iOS platform has even led to a parody video by Dash which can be seen here:

The theme behind the video is “Apple, we’re cryptocurrency experts now” and it’s actually quite funny. In the video, Amanda impersonated an Apple employee that’s in charge of approving or denying the accepted cryptocurrencies in the Appstore. Problem is that Dash has been denied, while The DAO, an Ethereum based token, has been accepted, which is weird given that The DAO was hacked for $50 million and it was disbanded, meaning that the token bears no actual purpose. To the casual observer, it would seem that Apple has put Ethereum on a pedestal, ignoring the screaming voice of reason that is telling them to remove the useless token, DAO and to allow Dash, a proven cryptocurrency with 0 hacks and a stable and secure blockchain.

Currently, Apple allows Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, the DAO & Ripple in its platforms. Reviewing these cryptocurrencies, one can note that all of them have been around for a long time, except for Ethereum and The DAO. Something that is also curious, to say the least, is that dogecoin is on this list. Dogecoin serves no specific purpose, as it’s a “meme” cryptocurrency without any kind of innovative technology, while DASH allows many features that Bitcoin does not, like the anonymous and instant transactions.

Apple needs to take a step back and re-review their list of accepted cryptocurrencies based on their actual technology, use cases and security.

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