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Bitcoin: How to stay anonymous


Due to it’s anonymous and untraceable nature, Monero (XMR) has recently dethroned Bitcoin as the leading currency of the deep web, leaving Monero has one of the biggest market caps in crypto and the highest ranked in terms of trading volume. Monero uses ring signatures to mix your transactions, which is why it was chosen as the anonymous cryptocurrency of the dark markets, but darknet markets are not the only place where privacy matters, but it’s one of the few places where you’ll be able to actually buy something with Monero, which is not a problem with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a globally accepted payment system and can be used to purchase mostly anything, but that doesn’t mean that all your transactions should be public. There is a big difference between privacy and secrecy, and even though you may have nothing to hide, doesn’t mean you’ll want to show everything. Yes, illegal purchases aren’t the only reason to stay anonymous when transferring value. Reasons vary:

Suppose you want to buy something expensive or that you have a considerable amount of Bitcoin, if the transaction is public someone may want to keep the rest of your funds for themselves and do so by physically assaulting or threatening you. An anonymous transaction would avoid this

Suppose you want to surprise a friend or relative, but they keep track of your records and figure out that you finally got them that special thing they’ve always wanted. Surprise ruined.

Suppose you want to buy something that may not be illegal or have anything wrong with it, but that you want to keep to yourself. Maybe it’s something embarrassing or of a sexual nature and you want to keep it private. That is a choice that should be yours to make.

And that is why we want to show you a neat trick, that some of you may already know but that will help all those that don’t, to have a chance to make the choice between a pseudonymous Bitcoin and an anonymous one: Mixing your Bitcoins.

You can use a Third-party Bitcoin Mixer like CryptoMixer – to blend or mix your coins with others’, which ensures that the information displayed on the blockchain cannot be traced back to you. All you have to do is send your Bitcoins, choose the destinations and amounts to send to each address and send your coins. Click here to see a full guide:

You can use any Bitcoin mixer of your choosing, but today we chose CryptoMixer due to it’s anonymous nature that allows you to make use of it without an account and also because CryptoMixer Is a trusted part of the cryptocurrency scene and has a 2000 BTC public reserve.

CryptoMixer also has completely new and unique features like coin marking, that ensures that you’ll never receive a coin that was first sent to the mixer by you which means you’ll never end up with your own coins and be a sitting duck for blockchain analysis.

With time, privacy-driven cryptocurrencies like Monero, Dash and ZCash will probably continue to gain traction and be added as accepted currencies globally, but until that time comes you may want to protect your privacy manually by using a Bitcoin Mixer.

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