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First Blood: Decentralized eSports Platform


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and First-Person Shooter (FPS) games are very popular as is the competition within these games. The global eSports market is growing exponentially, and it is expected to generate $1.92 billion in global revenue by 2018. Esports are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, in this case, video games. Traditional eSports platform are currently centralized meaning that they are subject to hacking, downtime, censorship, financial regulations and onerous overhead costs. On these platforms, the input of players and teams as well as the output of the eSports system are mediated by human-computer interfaces.

First Blood is an eSports decentralized app (dapp) built on Ethereum. It allows players to compete in a fair, transparent, efficient, and automated environment, a feat never before attempted. Current eSports platforms are centralized, meaning that its users have to trust a middleman to report the outcomes honestly and that they are subject to traditional money transfers that are slow and expensive. Further more, with traditional platforms that run on centralized servers, there is always a possibility of downtime or attacks, which is impossible in First Blood due to Ethereum’s decentralized nature. This system is fueled by 1ST tokens. These tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain are used to bet in matches and to reward winners and witnesses.

The First Blood Platform itself is a web or desktop software that allows users to send 1ST tokens to the smart contract system that holds them until the outcome is decided by a decentralized result verification system. The rewards are then distributed according to the outcome of the game. The match result verification is carried out by witnesses, randomly chosen users that are running witness nodes. These nodes connect to the game to game APIs and cross-references game outcomes to find out who the winner is. Since Witnesses play a vital role in the system, a 1ST compensation is awarded to them for providing this service, which can be compared to Bitcoin mining: Where miners are rewarded for validating transactions, 1ST Witnesses are rewarded for verifying match outcomes.

In addition to the Witness system, there is also a Jury Voting Pool (JVP) that is comprised of randomly selected users that apply by sending a transaction to the smart contract. The JVP, will then vote according to the outcome provided by the witnesses and to the additional evidence provided by the players. Jury members are then rewarded for their work in case their vote is the same as the decided outcome if a jury fails to do so he may be penalized.

FirstBlood also allows the creation of tournaments, and it is complete with a user ranking and reputation system that is recorded on the blockchain, allowing players to build a lifetime reputation. The user reputation system encourages players to behave honestly, by prioritizing matchmaking for users with higher reputation scores.

In order to fund the development and promotion of the platform, First Blood will host a one-time token crow-sale. The crowdsale will take place on September 26th at 12AM UTC . Visit this site to find your city’s starting time! It will last for a month or until the investment cap of $5.5 million is reached. The first hour of the crowdsale will feature a “Power Hour” where 1ST tokens will be sold at a 70% discount. Users that want to participate in the crowd sale will need to do so with Ether, by sending it to the special smart contract address. This address then issues and sends the tokens to the investors. Users that want to invest with BTC or other cryptocurrencies can use a third party service like Poloniex or Shapeshift to exchange their coins for Ether. Read more about the crowd sale details here

Besides the aforementioned improvements that First Blood will bring to the eSports industry, it will also add value to the world of crypto by bringing aboard a new user base and creating new use cases for the cryptocurrency, bringing it one step closes to mainstream adoption.

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