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E-net Systems Co, Ltd energy company now accepts bitcoin


ResuPress Inc. a company that operates Bitcoin payment service Coincheck payment ( partnered with Mitsuwa industry Co. LTD. Bitcoin users in Japan can now pay utility bills with bitcoin. As an initial partnership, Coincheck will start a collaboration with E-net Systems Co, Ltd. a subsidiary company of Mitsuwa industry to provide payment of an electric bill with bitcoin.

Starting from the beginning of November Coincheck Denki (Electricity) will launch. With Coincheck Denki Bitcoin users can now pay their electric bill with their bitcoins. 

▼About Coincheck Denki (Electricity)

Coincheck Denki will offer two type of pricing plans segmented to both light and heavy users.

1) Plan for a light user (Earn Bitcoin just by paying electric bill)

・Amount of electricity bill will be the same as the traditional electric company. However, saved amount will be credited as bitcoin to a Coincheck wallet.


2) Plan for heavy user (Pay electric bill with bitcoin)

・Save up to 4%-6% by paying electric bill with bitcoin


▼Coincheck Denki (Electricity) service area

Supplier of Coincheck Denki (Electricity) E-net Systems has a partnership with Marubeni Power Retail Corporation which has a power plant in 17 places in Japan and has experience operating the electrical business more than 22 countries. Currently, the power is supplied to Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu. The service area will expand accordingly.


▼Future of Coincheck and Mitsuwa industry Co. LTD Partnership

As well as electricity bill, shortly Coincheck will allow bitcoin users to pay a gas bill, water bill, and mobile bill with bitcoins.



▼About us

About Mitsuwa industry Co. LTD
Mitsuwa industry Co. LTD is a long-established LPG provider operating for 76 years having over 200,000 customer base. Their subsidiary company E-net Systems operates retail power platform. By partnering with other company they provide electricity to their customers.

About ResuPress Inc
Founded in August 2012. ResuPress Inc. operates bitcoin exchange service Coincheck ( Coincheck has more than 100 million yen monthly transaction volume. ResuPress also operates Bitcoin payment service Coincheck payment(


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