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Wings Platform: Backing Campaign Announced



WINGS, a decentralized platform to create, join and manage DAOs.


The Wings Platform, a decentralized platform to create, join and manage DAOs., has recently announced the date for their long-awaited backing campaign, which will start on October, 30th and will last for 7 weeks. Many details have been made public since we lasted talked about the Wings Project, including the release of their white paper.


The Wings Platform will allow anyone, with or without previous experience, coding skills or technical knowledge, to give life to their ideas and turn them into full-blown projects, according to the diligence performed by the WINGS DAO community. Unlike The DAO, where users could vote on proposals that would be funded provided a minimum 20% quorum was reached, WINGS DAO will instead user forecasting markets to leverage the swarm intelligence of the community, and allow WINGS token holders to forecast how much funds a certain project can gather. This allows the community to focus on relevant projects that are likely to succeed and to filter out projects that are not appealing. This system also allows spam proposals to be eliminated efficiently. Users that participate in the forecast are rewarded according to their accuracy in predicting the funds that the project will gather.


The platform will launch with direct DAO governance, with the support of delegated DAO governance in the future, meaning that not all token holders have to participate actively in the forecasting process, as WINGS will allow users to delegate their forecasting powers to more experienced and knowledgeable users.


WINGS will be based on the Rootstock (RSK) side chain in the first mainnet and will, later on, move to its own blockchain that will support both RSK and Ethereum in a multi-chain fashion, with an option for more popular cryptocurrencies in the future.


“Wings brings the power to supporters. All backed projects are accessible using the web application and IM bots. Back a project, create a vote or write a review – all from the palm of your hand”


Over the following weeks, the WINGS team will publish more details about the upcoming backing campaign and about the first groups that will launch their DAOs on the WINGS platform. Furthermore, WINGS will be attending events in several cities, including Switzerland, Amsterdam, and London, over this month and the next. Click here to know more.

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