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Important Notice (May 1, 2017~): Disabling new borrowing of Japanese yen for margin trading


Thank you for using Coincheck.

To comply with Payment Services Act and Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, starting from May 1, 2017, Coincheck is disabling new borrowing of Japanese yen for margin trading. Please be aware that some transactions will be disabled. Please check the following list for detailed information.

■The date new borrowing of Japanese Yen for margin trading stops
May 1, 2017

■Feature that will be disabled
– Borrowing of Japanese yen for margin trading

■Feature that you can continue to use after May 1, 2017
– Repayment of borrowed Japanese Yen
– New borrowing or repayment of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin
– Leveraged trading for both short and long position

We appreciate your continued support.

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