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Hirosaki City Collects Bitcoin Donations to Preserve Cherry Blossoms with 100 Years of History



【Hirosaki City Collects Bitcoin Donations to Preserve 50 kinds of 2600 Cherry Blossoms with 100 Years of History】


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Hirosaki-city accepts bitcoin donation at Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival that is held from April 22, 2017, in cooperation with Coincheck, inc. This will be the first attempt for both a Bitcoin company and a local government in Japan.


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Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival▽

Date: April 22 – May 7, 2017
Place: Hirosaki Park



■Comments by a government staff of Hirosaki

We expect bitcoin donation to be an effective approach to promote Hirosaki’s cherry blossoms and a castle especially to people living outside of Japan. When collecting donations from overseas, features of blockchain such as “fast payment process,” “low processing fees” and “transparency and security of transaction” enhances the efficiency of funding.
Furthermore, Bitcoin donation enables sending money quickly just by reading QR code with a smartphone as well as checking the progress and outcome of donation in real time. We thought these characteristics of blockchain could help increase satisfaction and provide memorable donation experience for donors. We also expect bitcoin donation to be a unique tourism promotion. When it comes to more practical benefits, bitcoin donation requires much lower initial cost and running cost compared to a traditional method.




■How donated money to be used

To preserve 50 kinds of 2600 cherry trees and maintain 400 years old Hirosaki Castle to future generations, contributions will be used to preserve cherry trees and repair stone walls of the castle.


■Future outlooks

Blockchain technology behind bitcoin sounds interesting. Last year, I saw several news articles such as “stores that install bitcoin payment (Coincheck Payment) reached over 260,000”, “Virtual Currency Law comes into effect from April in 2017” and “No tax imposed when buying bitcoin.” Reading them, I thought bitcoin was becoming more useful in society.
As Hirosaki-city, we consider bitcoin donation as a great opportunity to attract tourists from overseas. On the other hand, we are also going to conduct the search on disadvantage and discuss further possibilities.


■About Hirosaki-City


Hirosaki is located in the southwestern area of Aomori Prefecture, is a blessed city with abundant nature of Mt. Iwaki in the west and the World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains in the south. It is known as the place producing the largest production volume of apple in Japan, and it has developed as a castle town of the Hirosaki domain, with numerous cultural properties such as temples, shrines, samurai residences, and hybrid Western-Japanese style buildings built in Meiji and Taisho era. Hirosaki Castle, the symbol of our city, is known as one of the 12 existing original castles remaining since the Edo period, and as a rare castle that remains perfect from the time of its construction. In spring 50 kinds of 2600 cherry blossoms are in full bloom and cover the whole castle ground



■About Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival


Cherry blossom front comes to Hirosaki at the end of April. The scenery at Hirosaki park that consists of gorgeous cherry blossoms and old pine trees are stunning. Under cherry trees, people appreciate flowers and enjoy drinking with peers under cherry blossom trees. At night, cherry trees are lighted up, and its scenery is reflected in the water surrounding a castle, which creates a mysterious atmosphere attracting visitors.
At Hirosaki Park, you can enjoy more than 2600 cherry trees with 50 kinds including Somei Yoshino, weeping cherry, and double layer cherry blossom (Yaezakura) in April. What makes Hirosaki’s cherry blossom special is the size of each flower. Even 100-year-old Somei Yoshino cherry tree blooms 4-5 flowers per one bud. This is due to the pruning technique that has evolved from traditional apple cultivation method.

Hirosaki’s cherry blossom attracts people even after flowers fall. Flower raft (Hanaikada) a scenery where flower petals float the across the canal and Flower carpet (Hanajyutan) a scenery where flower petals cover the canal is also very famous.



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Bitcoin allows accepting donations regardless of regions due to its borderlessness. As one of the largest bitcoin company, Coincheck will continue to promote bitcoin donation around the world.

Detailed information about bitcoin donation for Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival


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