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Golden-Week Holidays Business Hours



Please be aware of our business hours during Golden Week holidays, spring holiday season in Japan (April 29 to 30, and May 3 to 7).


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Customer support will be closed from April 29 to 30, and May 3 to 7



Deposits and withdrawals via ATMs or bank counters


Coincheck will not be able to reflect your deposit in JPY in your coincheck account from April 29 to 30, and May 3 to 7 as banks in Japan will be closed during that period. If you are planning to deposit or withdraw JPY, please complete it before the holidays. Please check a website of each bank for more details about their business hours.
Transfers between the same bank will be reflected in an account on the same day regardless of holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays.


Deposit JPY:


Withdraw JPY :


Coincheck Exchange and Coincheck Payment will be available as usual.

Thank you for your understanding.


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