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iOS update!: Candlestick chart and bitcoin-dominated chart are now available on the app!


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Coincheck iOS app is updated! Now candlestick chart and bitcoin-dominated chart are available!


What’s New


1:Added candlestick chart feature
2:Added bitcoin-dominated chart feature


1:Candlestick chart feature


We added candlestick chart feature! Now you can check candlestick chart on the app as well as the website. Please enjoy more advanced exchange experience anytime, anywhere. You can switch chart from the menu on the top of chart page. (available in both BTC and JPY)


IMG_0006 IMG_0011



2:Bitcoin-dominated chart feature


Now you can check chart based in bitcoin. You can switch from JPY-dominated to Bitcoin-dominated on the top of chart page.


IMG_0007 IMG_0010



Please update the app and enjoy new feature!


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