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Deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash is now available

important notice


Thank you very much for using Coincheck.


Deposit and withdraw of Bitcoin Cash became available starting August 7th, 2017.


Bitcoin Cash official page

Coincheck’s policy about Bitcoin Cash and temporary suspension of some features:


About deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash


Please be careful when depositing or withdrawing BCH as its address format will be the same as Bitcoin (BTC).



Send Bitcoin Cash(withdrawal)


1: After logging into Coincheck, choose “Send Bitcoin Cash” on “Send Coin” page.

Send Coin:

2: Fill in the required information, and press “Send” button.


スクリーンショット 2017-08-07 13.51.04


Receive Bitcion Cash (deposit)


1: After logging into Coincheck, go to “Deposit Coin” page.

Deposit Coin:

2: Receiving address and a message will be generated after you press “Generate Address” for depositing Bitcoin Cash.



Users who have negative Bitcoin Cash balance


Users who have negative Bitcoin Cash balance (users who are obligated to repay Bitcoin Cash) can now repay BCH by depositing Bitcoin Cash from a wallet other than Coincheck. Withdrawal of JPY or other crypto currencies will be available after you complete the repayment.

Repay date has not been decided. We will inform you the specific date on this blog or official SNS as soon as we decide.



Thank you,







※All time listed are in JST.

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