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Buy and Sell Bitcoin Cash on Coincheck!

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Thank you very much for using Coincheck.


Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash on Coincheck! (WEB/iOS/Android). Only users who need to repay Bitcoin Cash were able to buy BCH before, but now all users can buy and sell BCH.

If you use the Android app, please restart the app before buying or selling BCH.
Please also make sure that the app version is newer than 2.3.10 (the latest version is 2.3.11).

For iOS app, we will release version 1.11.1 soon.


Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash!


Choose “Bitcoin Cash” on “Buy Coin” page, and enter the amount you want to buy.


Buy Coin:


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Now you can sell Bitcoin Cash!


Select “Bitcoin Cash” on “Sell Coin” page, and enter the amount you want to sell.


Sell Coin:


スクリーンショット 2017-08-15 12.16.24



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