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About transfer of funds deposited through convenience stores

important notice

Thank you very much for using Coincheck.


We announce that from October 12th 2017, 50% of the funds deposited through convenience store deposit will not be transferrable for a period of seven days.


To deposit JPY/USD:
Select “Convenience Store”



■ Beginning period

October 12th 2017


■ Affected services

・Send coins
・Withdraw JPY
・Transfers to leverage account


■ About funds you can transfer


【A】Total of funds you own
= (Your cryptocurrencies balance x their current price in JPY) + your JPY balance


(Total funds you deposited through quick deposit since 7 days) +
(50% of the funds you deposited through convenience stores since 7 days)


【C】 Total of funds you can withdraw/transfer = 【A】-【B】





【Related Link (Japanese):】

※ Currently, transfers to leverage account after a quick deposit or convenience store deposit are available after seven days.








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