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Specification change for public trades API

important notice

Thank you for using Coicneck.

Starting from December 19, 2017, the specification of trading history API will be modified.

Regarding Specification change of API

API will be modified as follows.

API that will be affected

Public trades API

Modification date and time

December 19, 2017, 1 pm


1. Currency parameters will be required.
Setting of “pair” parameter will be required after modification.
“btc_jpy” is only available for now.

2. Change in pagination parameters
“offset” parameters will be abolished.
We now support pagination parameter.

Before: Skip number set in offset parameter
limit – Set amount of data fetched in a page
order – Set “desc”, “asc”
starting_after – Set id to configure beginning data
ending_before – Set id to configure ending data


For more information please refer to the following documents that will be updated after the modification.

Exchange API:

Actual modification date and time may be delayed without prior notice.

※All dates on this blog are in JST.

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