What is bitcoin donation?



Why coincheck is launching bitcoin donation platform?

Many media around the world state that bitcoin is suitable for small amount payment. Also, bitcoin is said to be the revolutionary technology for international remittance. However, there are not many real-world use-cases that reveal the technology's full potential. As a leading bitcoin exchange company, coincheck will work actively to spread the usage of bitcoin around the world.


Challenges facing today's nonprofits

1. Lack of donation cultures in Japan

In Japan, donation is not typical compared to a country like United States. Many NPOs in Japan that want to collect donation from all around the world contact us.


2. Expensive international money transfer fee.

Complexity of opening foriegn-exchange account. Many NPOs in Japan faces a problem where they can’t accept donations from abroad. For ex-ample, in a case of one NPO when a donor sends 10,000 yen the international money transfer fee cost them 7,500 Yen. Also, corporations have to go through a complex process to accept foreign currencies. When the great east Japan earthquake happened, people outside of Japan couldn't donate because the majority of organizations didn't accept donations from abroad.



What is coincehck donation?

1. Collect funds from all around the world.

\At coincheck donation, a donor can send funds by just reading in QR code displayed on our website. Everyone all around the world can donate to their preferred organization instantly. The website will be launched in both Japanese and English, so people from abroad can also donate to Japanese NPOs.

2. Inexpensive money transfers fee

Compared to traditional international bank transfer where you have to pay an intermediary fee to a bank, bitcoin donation allows users to transfer donations directly. (Just a few yen of fee for any amount of transfer)

3. Transparent transactions

When collecting donations on the Internet, donor usually can't trace their money. With bitcoin do-nation, every transaction is stored in the ledger on blockchain. Every transaction is transparent so people can trace their donation.



How to use coincheck donations?

Donation via coincheck donations is very simple. Donors can send their fund just by reading in a QR code displayed on each NPOs webpage. There is no need to register your credit card or bank account.

  • Funds collected will be donated as coincheck donation to organizations. coincheck will not issue a receipt for tax exemption purpose.

  • Donor can not cancel your donation once it is completed.

  • coicheck doesn't ask for personal information such as name and e-mail address.


How to start a donation drive?

For NPOs who would like to start a donation drive, please contact us.

If you can prepare your organization pictures and description we can start your NPOs donation drive immediately. There are no initial fees.


Change of registered information, Trading History,and unsubsribe


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