Leverage transaction fee


Transaction fees are similar to ordinary transactions. For details, please see the trading fee page.

This fee is only applied when the order is actually settled (completed).
If you cancel the order before settling, you will not be charged any fee.

For leveraged trading, swap fee will occur if you hold a position.

Long position is 0.04 % of Execution price (JPY) / day while Short position is 0.05 % of Execution quantity (BTC) /day.
The swap fee occurs every 24 hours from the moment you have contracted with simple interest until the order is completed.

[For Example]
1 BTC = 1 million JPY
If you have 1 million JPY, you can trade up to 5 million JPY with leveraged trading.

Long position : 5 BTC X 1 million JPY X 0.0004 = 2000 JPY
Short position : 5 X 0.0005 = 0.0025 BTC

※ The above Swap fee occurs every 24 hours from the order is made.

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