Two-factor authentication device cannot be used


If you are able to login

Please check Login method with the two-factor authentication.

  • The passcode is updated every 30 seconds.
    Please make sure to use the updated passcode from Google Authenticator.

  • The time may change in the middle of entering the passcode.
    When entering the passcode, please wait a little after starting the Google Authenticator and make sure to promptly enter the passcode after it changes.
    Depending on the version of Google Authenticator, the passcode may turn red or start to blink, which is a sign that the passcode is going to change soon.

  • While using Google Authenticator, the time on the device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) on which the application operates must be set correctly.
    If you are entering the correct passcode but cannot log in, make sure that the device’s time is correct.
    Also, when setting the time, it is recommended that you set your time to automatic.

If you are having trouble with the device

If you are no longer able to use or having any trouble with the device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) which you used for 2-step authentication, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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