Remittance of coins is not reflected


Remittance has not reflected

If the coin is not reflected after transferring, please check the remittance history and confirm the transaction details.

Please check whether there is no mistake in the address of the remittance destination, the balance of the fee, etc.

※ Please pay attention to erroneous deposit to a contract address!

Since remittance is not instant due to systematic reasons, sometimes it may take more time than usual.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.

Reason to why remittance of coin is slow

Because of the mechanism of coins, its movement is not done instantly.
Also, to make sure of it safety, the time takes to transfer a coin is not always constant.
Coincheck may also check on the admin side for security purpose while transferring a large amount of coins at once or making a large remittance in a short period of time.

This is a necessary procedure for the security.
We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation of transfer

If the remittance information (transaction ID) has NOT been generated by the blockchain, you can cancel the remittance from here.

However, if the transaction ID has been generated and being displayed, you cannot cancel the remittance.

Please contact us from the inquiry form if the remittance has not been completed after more than 24hrs.

Change of registered information, Trading History,and unsubsribe


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