coincheck Terms of Use

Users of coincheck must have accepted these terms of use.

Article 1. General provisions

Article 2. Application

Article 3. Definitions

Article 4. Registration

Article 5. Change in Registration Information

In case of a change in the Registration Information, Registered Users shall in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company promptly notify the Company of the changed information, and submit the documentation requested by the Company.

Article 6. Handling of password and user ID

Article 7. Charges and method of payment

Article 8. Service usage

Article 9. Prohibitions

Article 10. Service suspension, etc.

Article 11. Ownership of rights

Article 12. Registration annulment, etc.

Article 13. No warranties; disclaimer

Article 14. Dispute resolution and indemnity

Article 15. Preservation of confidentiality

Article 16. Term

A User Agreement shall continue between the Company and a Registered User for the duration of the Service provision from the date of completion of the registration concerning the Registered User pursuant to Article 4 until the day of annulment of the registration of the subject Registered User.

Article 17. Amendment or rescission of the Terms, etc.

Article 18. Contact / notifications

Inquiries concerning the Service and other contact and notifications from Registered Users to the Company, and notifications concerning amendments of the Terms and other contact and notifications from the Company to Registered Users shall be conducted in accordance with the methods prescribed by the Company.

Article 19. No assignment

Article 20. Severability

If any provision, or a part thereof, of the Terms is judged invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Act and other Laws and Regulations, etc., all remaining provisions and the remaining stipulations of provisions judged in part invalid or unenforceable shall continue in full force and effect, and the Company and Registered Users shall deem the said invalid or unenforceable provisions or invalid or unenforceable parts of provisions replaced by terms within the scope necessary to achieve their validity and enforceability and that come closest to expressing their intent and legal and economic equivalent efficacy.

Article 21. Surviving provisions

The provisions of Article 6, Paragraph 2; Article 7 (if arrears exist); Article 9, Paragraph 2; Article 10, Paragraph 4; Article 11; Article 12, Paragraphs 2 and 3; Articles 13 through 15; and Articles 20 through 22; shall continue in full force and effect after the end of a User Agreement. Provided, however, that the provisions of Article 15 shall continue in full force and effect for three 3 years after the end of a User Agreement.

Article 22. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. For any and all disputes that arise from or in connection with the Terms, the Tokyo District court shall be the agreed court of jurisdiction in the first instance.

Article 23. Consultative matters

With respect to matters that are no provided for in the Terms or points of doubt concerning the construction of the Term, the Company and Registered Users shall expediently resolve such matters through mutual consultations to be held in accordance with the principle of good faith and fair dealing.

Established August 6, 2014


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