Bitcoin Price Alert

Receive bitcoin price fluctuations notices by email or telephone.

When there is a price change of more than the % you have set in the setting page within a 15 minutes time span you will receive a notification. For example, if the bitcoin 50,000 BTC/JPY rises to 50,500 BTC/JPY the % difference will be 50,500/50,000 = 1.01 = 1%. If you have set your % less than 1% you will receive a notification. When 50,000 BTC/JPY decrease to 49,500 BTC/JPY the % difference will be 50,000/49,500 = 1.0101 1.01%.
You will not receive notification for 30 minutes from the last notification.

By default, you will receive a price change notification only 24 hours after the last notification.

You can receive a notification by e-mail or phone call.
Choose multiple addresses or numbers by separating it with a comma.You will receive a phone call from an anonymous number.

We don't guarantee instant notification.

The notifications feature is in a testing phase. It's free up to 30 notification.



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