Affiliate program

Earn up to 10,000JPY per a new registration!

The affiliate program is available for all Coincheck users if you satisfy some requirements.

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What is affiliate program?

With an affiliate program, you can earn commission by introducing new users to Coincheck. When someone who views your blog or SNS click the affiliate link and sign up for Coincheck, the commission will be paid to you.

How it works

Commission will be paid on 10th of the next month (or a next business day if 10th is a weekend or holiday). e.g. Commission for October 2016 will be paid on November 10th.

Please note that the day to transfer commission may be changed.

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Affiliate Eligibility

  Campaign price!!!
Account registration 0 JPY
Complete identity verification 500JPY -> 2,000 JPY
Deposit more than 50,001 JPY 2,500JPY -> 8,000 JPY
  $X worth of bitcoin etc


Overview of the affiliate programTry

  • Free to register to the program
  • Eligibility (individual) - Completed identity verification or SMS authentication, over 20 years old
  • Eligibility (corporate) - Completed identity verification or SMS authentication

Important NoticeTry

  • The amount of commission and the content of a program are subject to change without prior notice.
  • You need to complete identity verification to withdraw commission.
  • 5,000 YEN worth of BTC or other currencies comission, applies during this campaign only
  • The commission shall be paid on 10th of next month (or the next business day if 10th is a weekend or holiday) after closing at the end of a month. The specific time is not decided.
  • The amount of BTC or other currencies may be slightly different depending on when it is paid as commission due to the price fluctuation.
  • Important notice and criteria for rejection and denial of the program may be changed without prior notice.
  • The following conditions need to be satisfied to earn rewards for deposit above 50,001 JPY. Introduced person deposits more than 50,001 JPY at one time, and his/her balance is more than 25,000 JPY of current value.
  • The special affiliate commission rate is offered only to users who reside in Japan. Click here for more details.

Criteria for Rejection and DenialTry

    Coincheck may suspend or disapprove affiliate, or cancel paying commission without prior notice when we find any violation as follows.

  • Misstatement, illegal activities, duplication, entering the same information for multiple times, deficient information.
  • Sign up by someone who already use Coincheck, or who had registered before.
  • Applying for multiple times from the same IP address or same devices such as PC or smartphone.
  • When there is no trading history or deposit within 30 days after sign up.
  • Placing paid advertisement (Google Adwords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, etc.) with inappropriate words, our company’s name, company’s website, brand name, product’s name, other inappropriate contents or data generated improperly.
  • When it is impossible to prove that a new registration is through the affiliate program (for example when JavaScript or Cookie is invalid.)
  • When an advertiser consider it an application is inappropriate.
  • Coincheck shall terminate the partnership of the program promptly when we detect that an affiliate collects users by providing incentives such as cash, points, reports, trading tools, rewards without permission by an advertiser.
  • Applying for the program again after canceling registrations or, by the same person or household.
  • When a third person applies for the program on behalf of someone else.
  • When you apply for the program corporating with a third person.
  • Making someone who has no intention to the service sign up for Coincheck.
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