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Earn extra cryptos just by lending it.

Coincheck Lending

How to use

What is Coincheck Lending?

Coincheck lending is cryptocurrency lending service where a user can lend cryptocurrency for a certain period to Coincheck by agreeing on the loan contract agreement. Upon expiration or termination of the agreement, Coincheck will return cryptocurrency with annual % rate on top of it.


Maximum 5.0% interest rate. You can earn interest rate just by lending cryptocurrency to Coincheck.

Do you have spare cryptocurrency that is not used?

Open Coincheck Lending account, and lend your cryptocurrency.

You can earn interest rate (Maximum 5.0%)!


You can lend all kinds of cryptocurrencies

You can lend not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Ripple, NEM, and any other crypto assets available in Coincheck.


If you already have an account with Coincheck, you are almost ready to start Coincheck Lending.

Start Coincheck Lending just by submitting a simple

With Coincheck Lending you can increase your assets just by lending your spare cryptocurrencies to Coincheck.

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  • Coincheck will pay usage fee according to the amount of cryptocurrency you lent.

Starting day of deposit

  • Lending will be available after Coincheck verifies the lending application. Coincheck may disapprove an application depending on amount and term of deposit.

The day you earn interest

  • The usage fee is paid to user’s account when Coincheck returns cryptocurrency.


  • Coincheck Lending is not subject to Payment Services Act. Hence, lent cryptocurrencies are not managed as segregated funds.
  • The price of cryptocurrency is always fluctuating. The price when you lent cryptocurrency and price when you sell is different. Please be aware there’s always a risk.
  • To use Coincheck Lending, please note that user must agree with the consumption loan agreement, which is an unsecured contract. Hence, users have a risk not being able to receive lent cryptocurrencies in a case when Coincheck bankrupt.
  • Users are prohibited from selling or sending lent cryptocurrencies until the end of a term or when Coincheck decides to return it.
  • This service is not a deposit item, it is not subject to deposit insurance.


  • e.g.) When you lend Bitcoin at an annual interest rate of 3.0% for 90 days.
    [10BTC] × [3.0%] ÷ 365 × [90days] = 0.07398 BTC will be paid as a usage fee.


Interest rate simulator

Amount of deposit
Term of deposit
Simulation result

※The simulator value and the actual interest may not match due to the calculation after the decimal point.


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