Exchange Fee

Please check About Exchange Fee.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fee

Bank transfer (JPY) Free (The customers are to pay deposit fee.)
Bank transfer (USD) 25 USD (The customers are to pay deposit fee.)

Convenience Store Payment

Quick Deposit

~ 29,999 JPY 756 JPY
30,000 ~ 499,999 JPY 1000 JPY
500,000 JPY ~ Amount deposited × 0.108% + 486 JPY
JPY Withdrawal 400 JPY
USD Withdrawal 2500 JPY

Borrow Interest Rate

BTC interest rate 0.05 %/day

Interest rate are to pay together when the borrowing period expires.

Swap fee

Long position Short position
Execution of open order Execution price (JPY) × 0.04 % Execution quantity (BTC) × 0.05 %
Carry-over (Every 24 hours after execution of open order)

A note regarding swap fees

  • ・Each position swap fee is calculated seperately.
  • ・If you partially settle your position, swap fee will be calculated based on the amount of a position of new trade execution, and not based on the amount of partial settlement.
  • ・Swap fee are to pay together when your positions settle.

Virtual currency deposit fees

Normal deposit Free
Fast deposit 0.02 BTC

Fast deposit is only available for BTC.

Virtual currency transfer fees

BTC 0.0005 BTC
ETH 0.01 ETH
ETC 0.01 ETC
XMR 0.05 XMR
REP 0.01 REP
XRP 0.15 XRP
ZEC 0.001 ZEC
XEM 15.0 XEM
LTC 0.001 LTC


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