Coincheck Rebate Campaign

レバレッジ取引開始記念 10,000円 キャッシュバックキャンペーン

What is the coincheck rebate program?

Under the rebate program, customers can receive a rebate from coincheck. Please read About Leverage Trade if you don't know how to do leveraged trading.

You have to top up leverage account JPY from Transfer if trade with leverage. This transfer is executed instantly, and you don't have to pay any fee. There are rules and requirements that customers must meet. For developers, please read New Order - Exchange API Documents.

Rebate program schedule

2015.12.07 11:00 ~ 2015.12.21 24:00 (Japan time zone)

Rebate processed

2015.12.24 24:00
transfer customer’s account


Customers who want to join the program must meet all requirements below.

  • (1) Place more than 50 BTC new orders in total as leverage trades and have established the trades during the program
    Note: You can reach 50 BTC with little seed money because it's available to trade with 5x leverage.

  • (2) Deposit more than 100,000 JPY in total in coincheck account during program

  • (3) Submit identity verification documents


  • ・If customers resign from coincheck’s account, they do not receive the reward.

  • ・spot and margin transaction is not covered by this program. customers have to transfer their money from spot trade account to leverage trade account.

  • ・when a fraudulent acts are found, we disable someone of right to get rewards

  • ・Payments order as leverage trades is not covered by this program.

  • ・This program may change or stop without prior notice. coincheck is not liable for damages arising from any consumer transactions with changing or stopping the program.


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