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Coincheck periodic purchases

Automatically purchase a set amount of crypto each month and lower timing risk in your investments

  • caution

    Plans from 10,000 JPY a month

    With plans starting at just 10,000 JPY a month, it's easy to start small before building up your portfolio.

  • caution

    Avoid timing risk

    Lower the unit price and stabilize your investments over time.

  • caution

    Totally automated

    Even if you don't know the right time to trade, automatic deposits and purchases allow you to invest with confidence.


A plan purchasing Bitcoin starting from October 2018 would be worth 1.8 times it's principal in a year!

  • The prices displayed above were calculated from historical BTC data and is not a guarantee for future performance.
  • BTC/JPY rates were taken on the 15th of each month at 12 p.m.
  • This chart visualizes a plan that purchased 10,000 JPY each month.


Ex. Purchase made in December 2019

  • Deadline to apply: 11/11

    Deadline to change amount to spend

  • Day of deposit: 11/27

    Funds are automatically deposited from your bank account in preparation for your purchase

  • Day of purchase: 12/9

    Your deposited JPY is used to automatically purchase crypto

Purchase plan details

Applicable users Must have an individual account with Coincheck
Available currencies Bitcoin (Additional currencies in the works!)
Amounts Purchases of between 10,000 and 100,000 JPY of crypto in units of 1,000 JPY
Fees Free! (No fees to deposit or maintain a plan)
Deposit methods Automatic deposits via online banking

Additional information

  • You will need to register your bank account online.
  • Deposits using Mizuho Bank are currently not supported.
  • Unless you pause your purchase plan, deposits and purchases will automatically be performed each month at the amount you currently have set. If you do pause your plan, both deposits and purchases will be suspended.
  • Depending on the status of your Coincheck account, there may be cases where you will be unable to open a purchase plan.
  • Plans will automatically be paused if there are issues reaching your registered bank account.


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