Preserving Hirosaki's cherry blossoms and castle

Hirosaki's cherry blossoms swell up their buds through tough winter and finally bloom in the late coming spring. 
We carefully preserve our 2600 cherry trees with 50 different kinds and maintain 400 years old Hirosaki Castle for posterity, and strive to make Hirosaki a city with full of children's smile.

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In Hirosaki Park, Hirosaki city, Aomori prefecture, about 50 kinds of 2600 cherry trees have been planted. During the Golden week holidays, more than 2 million people visit the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery of stunning cherry blossoms. The beautiful scenery is preserved by Hirosaki method, the unique management skill that was proven by over 130 years of apple cultivation history. The professional tree doctors called Sakura-mori who love Hirosaki’s cherry trees more than anyone inherit the Hirosaki’s unique tree caring techniques and carefully pruning the trees for the future.

In recent years, distortion was observed in stone walls in Honmaru, Hirosaki castle. It is said that there is a risk of collapse in case of a massive earthquake and so the stone wall renovation constructions have begun first time in 100 years. For the reason that the site of construction extends to the castle tower, the castle has moved about 77 meters rather than dismentling it with the traditional building moving technique called Hikiya in 2015.

Pruning trees

We have continued pruning our cherry trees that has evolved from traditional apple cultivation technique since the 1950s, to maintain the quality and the number of flower buds at the time of flowering by encouraging new branches to grow.

Fertilizing with manure

To maintain the vitality of the trees, we encourage the growth of the root by loosening the compacted soil.

136 year old Somei Yoshino cherry tree
By the tree doctors’ caring with the unique tree maintenance technique called "Hirosaki Method", the oldest Somei Yoshino cherry tree in Hirosaki Park is preserved and encouraged to grow strongly and vigorously.




Hirosaki is located in the south western of Aomori Prefecture, is a blessed city with abundant nature of Mt. Iwaki in the west and the World Natural Heritage Shirakami  Mountains in the south.

It is known as the place producing the largest production volume of apple in Japan, and it has developed as a castle town of the Hirosaki domain, with numerous cultural properties such as temples, shrines, samurai residences, and hybrid Western-Japanese style buildings built in Meiji and Taisho era.
Hirosaki Castle, the symbol of our city, is known as one of the 12 existing original castles remaining since the Edo period, and as a rare castle that remains perfect from the time of its construction.
In spring 2600 cherry blossoms are in full bloom and cover the whole castle ground.

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